Houston in Action is an initiative made up of people and organizations who have come together to advance our community forward through our respective and collective work to build a stronger Houston through a culture of civic engagement.

Through facilitated coordination with the Steering Committee and Houston in Action staff members, groups come together for collaborative projects, to think innovatively, and create new approaches to removing barriers to, and improving access to, civic engagement opportunities for our region's residents.

Houston in Action is working to increase the civic participation of Houston youth through the work of GenHTX, advance policy that supports a culture of civic engagement, reduce barriers to political engagement for the community at-large, especially those affecting marginalized communities, and provide resources that empower organizations to be more effective in these areas.

We envision a civic life in Harris County where every person and each institution play a powerful role in shaping a just and vibrant community.

Long-term goals of Houston in Action:

The achievement of our vision and mission will be measured by our progress in the following areas:
- Public institutions are more transparent and responsive to the concerns and wishes of all Harris County residents
- More Harris County residents participate in civic life, whether through political or non-political action, and disparities in civic participation are closed
- Elections at all local levels are more competitive, and public officials in Harris County reflect the diversity of the population
Harris County’s communities and civic organizations are well coordinated and better able to respond to any civic challenges or opportunities that may occur.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides board-like governance and leadership to the initiative, and ensures coordination and alignment among Task Forces.The committee includes co-chairs from each Task Force and other key stakeholders, such as local leaders, policymakers, community members, and others.
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Executive Director

Frances joined Houston in Action as Facilitator in June 2018 and became the Executive Director in June 2019.
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When we contribute to/are involved in shaping and maintaining the systems, services, and structures that help our families and community be their best, they can improve our quality of life and opportunities to have a good life, good jobs, and prosper.

HiA is the collective power of people and organizations throughout the Greater Houston area coming together to promote community leadership and break down systemic barriers to civic participation.
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