Until we all have equal access to participate in civic life

Houston in Action is hiring a Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives.

Houston in Action members are working to protect Texans' access to the ballot box. Some Texas lawmakers want to use the legislative session going on RIGHT NOW to restrict voter access. If successful, their efforts will make voting harder for working people, people with disabilities, people who count on voting by mail to cast their ballot, and people who live in Harris County, where some of the largest voting centers in the country would be banned.

For Houston in Action, participation in civic life means that all of us are counted. This means making sure that eligible voters can engage easily in elections, taking part in redistricting so that our districts accurately reflect the makeup of our communities, so that everyone in our communities have a place in the systems that influence our lives.

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Counting undercounted communities

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Policies Affecting Civic Participation in Houston and Texas



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Regardless of social identity, people should have equal opportunities to participate in, and have a meaningful impact, on civic life.

HiA is the collective power of people and organizations throughout the Greater Houston area coming together to promote community leadership and break down systemic barriers to civic participation.
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