Houston in Action, in partnership with local healthcare institutions and national partners has launched Safer Together: Vaccinations for All. Through this work, Houston in Action supports equitable access to vaccinations for all through infrastructure, capacity-building, training, and resources.

How to become a
Safer Together Partner

Safer Together is a collaborative effort of Houston in Action and multiple County partners, community organizations, private philanthropy, and health partners. The project launched in March 2021 with a Pilot Program with some immediate short-term goals and is rolling out efforts that will continue through to 2022.

Houston in Action is co-designing and implementing hyper-local initiatives working with community partners, local government, and small businesses to establish and increase access to Covid-19 vaccinations in priority areas. We are organizing community mobilization efforts and canvassing campaigns and evaluating and optimizing educational materials by neighborhood. Our efforts are focused on reaching low-wage communities, communities of colors, and women for Covid-19 vaccinations.

We are growing our list of community partners for equitable vaccine access. If you’re interested in learning more about working together, contact ana@houstoninaction.org

Through partnerships we are hosting collaborative listening sessions to inform the program design. Partners are recruiting women and low-wage earners and other project communities of focus: 

  • to analyze community barriers and challenges to vaccination and vaccine access; 
  • to provide feedback and field testing campaign resources such as messaging, digital and analog assets as provided by national and regional groups
  • to share campaign resources such as messaging, digital and analog assets directly with their partners, membership, and networks 
  • to implement community feedback to develop innovative vaccine implementation pilots. 

The program builds on this information to inform targeted outreach strategies and tactics including: 

  • Canvassing 
  • Phonebanking
  • Digital advertising
  • Email and text messaging 
  • Alert technology implementation 
  • Local vaccination event coordination
  • and ideas we’ve not yet imagined 

The program will measure impact in short cycles giving opportunities for iterative updates based on community response, new information, new circumstances, and on-going data

The program will focus on strategically targeting key communities in North Houston, Northeast Houston, East Houston and Harris County, Southeast Houston, South Houston, and Southwest Houston. These communities were chosen because of the amount of low-wage, BIPOC, and women  that reside in those areas. These locations have a lot of high risk residents, but less access to health care, and less access to vaccination.

When we contribute to/are involved in shaping and maintaining the systems, services, and structures that help our families and community be their best, they can improve our quality of life and opportunities to have a good life, good jobs, and prosper.

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