In 2020 voters showed up in historic numbers—that deserves support, not restrictions.

Houston in Action is working to protect Texans' access to the ballot box. Some Texas lawmakers want to use the legislative session going on RIGHT NOW to restrict voter access.  If successful, their efforts will make voting harder for working people, people with disabilities, people who count on voting by mail to cast their ballot, and people who live in Harris County, where some of the largest voting centers in the country would be banned.

They want to scare civil servants, tireless poll workers, people who register voters, and election workers with threats of fines, and even jail time if they make a mistake.

Some of the bills moving through the Texas Capitol include:

  • a ban on drive-through voting
  • a requirement that mail-in voting applicants with health difficulties provide a doctor's note or other proof of illness
  • eliminating extended voting hours
  • limiting the number of voting machines at a polling place

 Texas is already one of the hardest states to vote in in the country. All legislators should expand access, not restrict it. Legislation under consideration by our state lawmakers  are a threat to our democracy, an embarrassment, and take us back in time that history has not judged well.

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Contact key legislators in the House and Senate to tell them they should, "oppose ANY legislation that would put up barriers to and/or decrease voting access; bills like House Bill 6 and Senate Bill 7."

Share this message with your House representative and Senator - find your representative here or use this patch-thru link (available in English and Spanish) to reach your House Rep. via Texas Organizing Project

Share this message with members of the House Calendars Committee 

Share this message with the Speaker of the House Dade Phelan at (512) 463-1000; 

Share this message with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick at (512) 463-0001 (office line); (512) 463-5342 (message line);

Share this message with Governor Greg Abbott at (512) 463-2000

Paul Bettencourt

Senate District 7 - Tomball, Cypress, Spring, Jersey Village

(713) 464-0282

Lois Kolkhorst

Senate District 18 - Katy, Sugar Land, Rosenberg

(281) 394-5610

Briscoe Cain

House District 128 - Pearland, Deer Park, La Porte, Crosby, Baytown

(512) 463-0733

Sam Harless

House District 126 - Willowbrook

(281) 251-0194

Dennis Paul

House District 129 - Webster, Seabrook, Clear Lake

(281) 488-8900

Tom Oliverson

House District 130 - Tomball, Cypress, Klein

(281) 955-5152

Mike Schofield

House District 132 - West Houston, Cypress, Katy

(281) 492-0684

Jim Murphy

House District 133 - Bunker Hill, Hilshire Village

(713) 465-8800

Lacey Hull

House District 138 - Spring Branch

(512) 463-0727

Valerie Swanson

House District 150 - Spring, Northampton

(281) 257-4222
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