Melissa Marschall

Professor, Political Science
Director, Local Elections in America Project

Melissa Marschall is Professor Political Science at Rice University. She directs the Local Elections in America Project and heads the Social Policy Analysis Program in Rice’s School of Social Sciences. Her teaching and research interests focus on urban politics, local elections, representation, education and social policy, advocacy, and research methods.

Areas Of Expertise
Marschall manages large datasets and is an expert on policy evaluation and intervention. She has extensive training and experience in quantative methods, spatial analysis, election administration and local government. She would be able to assist with data collection and analysis, policy briefs, report writing, and advocacy work.

What Houston in Action means to me:
It means putting actions behind ideas and plans. It means collaborating and working together to achieve collective goals. It means doing rather than being.

What I like the most about Houston and its diversity:
The people and their openness. This is a really friendly city full of people who care and want to work hard to make the community better. Helping harness and direct these aspirations is truly an honor.

Regardless of social identity, people should have equal opportunities to participate in, and have a meaningful impact, on civic life.