Meghna Goswami

Senior Program Officer

Meghna oversees Houston Endowment’s efforts to develop and strengthen systems of support for under-resourced communities; her work includes civic engagement, immigration, domestic violence and hate incidents/crimes, among other emerging issues. She has extensive experience addressing complex social justice issues through broad cross-sectoral collaboratives. Prior to joining Houston Endowment in 2010, Meghna provided operational and clinical leadership at Daya, an organization working with South Asian survivors of domestic violence in Houston. Her previous experience includes work across a range of issues in the field of international development, including gender equality, immigrant rights and affordable housing. Meghna has an undergraduate degree in economics and a graduate degree in social work; she is a licensed social worker in the state of Texas.

Areas Of Expertise
I believe that one of the most impactful ways to address complex social issues is via cross-sectoral collaborative initiatives that look at common measurable outcomes. I am fortunate to have been actively engaged with several such initiatives in Houston, including the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative, Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, The Way Home and the Houston Coalition Against Hate. My social work background has provided me a strong grounding in social justice frameworks. In addition, working for a philanthropic organization that works across issue areas reminds me on a daily basis of the ways issues intersect with one another and the importance of adopting an intersectional approach to our work.

What Houston in Action means to me:
I am excited to be part of an initiative that has been intentional about bringing together a range of stakeholders to ensure that Houston has the structures and processes in place to ensure that all Houstonians have a voice in shaping their future.

What I like the most about Houston and its diversity:
As a first-generation immigrant, what I love about Houston is how quickly I felt “at-home” in the city. I love how culturally and ethnically diverse Houston is, and its fantastic arts scene. I also love how collaborative we are as a city – and the numerous examples of the community coming together to make Houston a better place for all.

Regardless of social identity, people should have equal opportunities to participate in, and have a meaningful impact, on civic life.