Angelica Razo

Angelica has always been passionate in understanding how community empowerment leads to positive, sustainable policy changes in social issues. In her current work, she engages and empowers youth to be at the forefront of decision-making processes that affect them. 

Angelica Razo is Rice University alum (‘16) with degrees in Kinesiology and Policy Studies. Although raised in Arkansas, she now considers Houston her community and home.

What areas of expertise do you bring to this project (what areas do you serve?)
In order to be an effective community organizer, I strive to create an inclusive environment for youth to develop into civic leaders and empower one another. To me, building genuine relationships with youth is a key element to ensuring their experience is reflected in our work’s mission.

What does “Houston in Action” mean to you?
This phrase motivates me to be part of a process that allows Houstonians to engage with one another in a way that brings forth collective impact. I am excited to see more people, of all ages and backgrounds, understand how their civic involvement is a crucial contribution to our city’s landscape.

What do you like most about Houston and its diverse tapestry of communities?
Thanks to our diversity in culture, language, food, religion, and beliefs, the Houston experience is far from monotone. There are so many opportunities to have global encounters and dynamic perspectives- all within our loops!

Regardless of social identity, people should have equal opportunities to participate in, and have a meaningful impact, on civic life.

United Way of Greater Houston 2020 Census Response Grant