As parents, we can organize to show the Board of Trustees that we need and want this mask mandate. Below you will find resources to spread the word supporting the mask mandate including a Facebook frame. For Katy, Conroe, Spring Branch and Pearland, click the links to email your trustees and find more resources.

Change your FB Frame to show support

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District-specific resources

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Sample Testimonial

As a parent of a child returning to school in-person this fall, the safety of my child is foremost in my mind. Like any parent, I believe that there is nothing more important keeping our children safe from threats - that includes the threat COVID-19.

Despite the recent surge in COVID Delta variant cases, which alarmingly are affecting children more than ever, the Governor has declared that schools cannot impose a mask mandate. With school coming back at full capacity without a virtual option and 5-11 year olds unable to be vaccinated, HISD students face a high risk of getting sick, which will be devastating.

The only way to prevent this devastation is for HISD to impose a mask mandate and commit to regular temperature checks and contact tracing. Our children should only go to school if they are able to go safely.

I ask that you support the HISD mandate. Not only will this be transformative for HISD, but it will set the standard for all schools in Texas to stand up for our children. As a parent, I support you in fighting for this and thank you for your work to keep our children and schools safe.
Everything we do here at Houston in Action is centered around working together to reduce systemic barriers to civic participation and to fight for equity and access for all Houstonians.

Central to equity is concern for those around us, the most vulnerable and underserved. Historical inequities and harm have directly led to today's COVID conditions, where communities of color often have limited access to healthcare, mistrust in government, and fewer resources, and as a result, lower rates of vaccination and higher rates of COVID complications and deaths. This focus on equity continues to drive us in our work to protect our families and fight for vaccine access across our city.

When we contribute to/are involved in shaping and maintaining the systems, services, and structures that help our families and community be their best, they can improve our quality of life and opportunities to have a good life, good jobs, and prosper.