Engaging and expanding the electorate across generations to register voters, get out the vote and challenging the barriers that have historically and systemically blocked our access to civic participations, especially among marginalized communities.

Houston in Action members coordinate to make voter registration, turnout, and access for Houston-area eligible voters and eligible voters accessible and equitable.

Registering voters

Houston in Action members are working to counter generations of disenfranchisement and reduce the racial disparity between the Harris County regions populace and who can register and vote.

Mobilizing voters

Members and partners are working to activate over 100,000 eligible youth, Black, Asian, and Latinx communities to register and to vote using social media, text messaging, phone calls, mailers and direct outreach.

Protecting the vote

Houston in Action members are making sure that every eligible voter’s vote counts and protecting the integrity of our elections.
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Key Dates
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2021 Harris County Runoff Key Election Dates

Early Voting: Monday, November 29 - Tuesday, December 7

Election Day: Saturday, December 11

Find a voting center near you

Check out the interactive map below from Select "Early Voting" or "Election Day" to begin using the map.



Harris County Voter Hotline: 713-755-6965
Election Protection (English): 866-687-8683
Protección electoral (español):888-839-8682
Asian Languages: 888-274-8683
Arabic: 844-925-5287
American Sign Language (video call): 301-818-8683
Disability Rights Texas: 888-796-8693

For the latest on 2020 Election in Harris County, visit

How do I check to see if I’m registered to vote?

Harris County Resident? Check the Harris County website by visiting

Texas resident outside of Harris County? Visit

I have questions about voting from home, or vote-by-mail, where should I look for more information?

Check the Harris County website

How do I request a mail-in ballot? 

  • You can find the application and steps to vote from home, or vote-by-mail, on the Harris County Elections office website HERE

Am I eligible to vote by mail? 

  • Voters with underlying conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease would still qualify as they are at particularly high risk to COVID and have an underlying health condition.
  • If you’re a college student that is registered to vote at your college address (campus housing or off-campus), but you are back home, you are eligible to request an absentee ballot to vote in the county of your college.

What do I need to be able to cast a regular ballot? (provided by VoterRiders)

Any of the following documents are valid:

  • Photo ID (current or expired up to 4 years, though it can be expired more than 4 years if you are 70 years or older):
  • TX driver’s license
  • TX Election ID Certificate
  • TX Personal ID Card
  • Handgun License
  • Military ID Card
  • US Passport Book or Card
  • US Citizenship Certificate (Citizenship Cert. does not expire)
  • Voter registration certificate
  • Certified US birth certificate
  • Current utility bill or bank statement, paycheck, or government document including check (with voter’s name and ANY address)
  • Any other government document showing the voter’s name and an address (e.g., an out-of-state license, a government employee ID, etc.) may be used with an accompanying complete and signed reasonable impediment declaration (an election officer is not permitted to question the reasonableness of your impediment to getting an ID).

What assistance is available for voter ID questions?

  • Download Voter ID info cards from VoteRiders in English and in Spanish for all 50 states and DC
  • Voters with any voter ID questions, or those in need of assistance to secure their ID, should contact VoteRiders’ expert-staffed Voter ID Helpline. Call or text 844-338-8743
  • Voter can also get help through VoteRiders’ FB Chatbot ( It can also be used through other platforms, you can find more information HERE

Who can I call about voting or ballot questions, or to see if my ballot was received? 

  • You can call the Harris County Clerk’s office with questions and to check to see if your ballot has been received by calling 713-755-3150
  • You can also visit 1001 Preston 4th Floor, Suite 444 and provide proper ID 

Do I have the right to vote if I have a felony conviction?

Who can I call if I have questions about voting in my County? 

  • Call Mi Familia Vota at 1-833-868-2667

If I request an absentee ballot, can I still vote in person later?

You may vote in person even if you applied for a Vote by Mail ballot, but you can only vote once. To vote in person, take your Vote by Mail ballot to a voting center to surrender it and receive a regular ballot. If you do not have the mail ballot with you, you may still vote in person using a provisional ballot.

How do I properly fill out my absentee/mail ballot?

When you receive your TX ballot remember to sign it in the proper location and use the secrecy envelope to secure it first before putting in the return envelope. Some counties provide postage, but you may need to provide your own stamp. We recommend you mail your ballot by Oct. 20 or drop it off at your local election office.

Can I track the status of my absentee/mail-in ballot?

You can track the status of your TX mail-in ballot to make sure it arrived and was submitted correctly by contacting your county elections office:

When and where can I Early Vote?

Any qualified voter may vote in person at the main early voting polling place or at any other designated early voting branch location during designated times. Click here to find Early Voting locations.:

I moved recently, can I still vote?

If you moved within your TX county, you must notify the voter registrar. if you moved to a new TX county or from out of state, you must re-register! For more info: 

Any other issues with voting send them to the Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE

We advise that you report any voting issues or direct your question to the experts at the Election Protection Hotline (866) OUR-VOTE: 866-687-8683. You can call or text with your questions.

What excuses are acceptable to vote absentee?

TX does require an excuse to vote absentee or by mail. These are the applicable excuses:

How do I find information for my local election office?

You can find your local TX election office information here by county:

I still haven't received my ballot in the mail. What do I do?

If you did not receive your ballot please contact your TX county election office:

What is a provisional ballot?

Provisional Ballots are a fail-safe mechanism for voters who arrive at the polls on Election Day and whose eligibility to vote is uncertain. They are also referred to as “challenge ballots” or “affidavit ballots” in some states. When there is uncertainty about a voter’s eligibility—the potential voter’s name is not on the voter rolls, a required identification document isn’t available or other issues—the election official is required to offer the voter a provisional ballot instead of a regular ballot, which is kept separate and not counted until verified as a legitimate vote.



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