We're training for the future. The civic empowerment work of Houston in Action members is supported with training and leadership development through our Community in Action.

Community in Action Council

The life and breath of Houston in Action, Community in Action councilmembers are community members who shape and influence Houston in Action while also building leadership and skills to tackle the issues facing their respective communities.To get involved, email

Community in Action Organizers

Building a culture of organizing in Houston, this group is a cohort of civic engagement organizers embedded at Houston in Action member organizations across the greater Houston area and focused on building relationships and capacity for 2020 census and elections

Community in Action Academy

The hub for training and capacity-building, the Community in Action Academy is where we develop leadership and programs that respond to the needs of community members, membership, and our partners. Academy training is led by local, regional and national leaders.

Community in Action
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When we contribute to/are involved in shaping and maintaining the systems, services, and structures that help our families and community be their best, they can improve our quality of life and opportunities to have a good life, good jobs, and prosper.